• Military Border Defense Camera for Homeland Safety
  • Military Border Defense Camera for Homeland Safety
  • Military Border Defense Camera for Homeland Safety
  • Military Border Defense Camera for Homeland Safety
  • Military Border Defense Camera for Homeland Safety
  • Military Border Defense Camera for Homeland Safety

Military Border Defense Camera for Homeland Safety

Technology: Pan / Tilt / Zoom
Style: Dome Camera
Type: IP Camera
Sensor: CMOS
HDMI Format: 1080P
Horizontal Resolution: 520tvl
US$ 40000/Piece 1 Piece(Min.Order)
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Autofocus Lens
CE, FCC, CCC, RoHS, EMI/EMC, ISO9001: 2000
Waterproof / Weatherproof, High Definition, Vandal-proof, Auto BLC
Effective Distance
More Than 60km
Sensor Size
1/4 inch
Remote Control
With Remote Control
One Year
120 Kgs
Transport Package
Wooden Packing Box
1 m Tall
Hope Wish
Shandong China
Production Capacity
100 Sets Per Month

Product Description

Product Description
Key Benefits:
  1. Wider Detection spectrum: integration of high-definition visible light, medium-wave/long-wave thermal imaging/near infrared laser, complementary advantages of dual sensors detection, combination of active and passive detection, multi-source data aggregation and fusion processing, so that no hidden target, to satisfy the monitoring needs of day, night and all-weather types of environment.
  2. Faster invert speed adjustment: the rotation speed can reach 80°/s, the acceleration can reach 100°/s2, faster start-stop speed, smooth operation, which helps to quick capture and track moving targets.
  3. Wider coverage: Pan rotation range of 0° - 360° and Tilt rotation range of - 90° ~ + 90° to achieve dead angle detection and full dimension coverage.
  1. Combines visible camera, thermal imaging camera (cooled/uncooled), or/and NIR Laser Illumination, multi sensor modules together that suit for long distance monitoring in total darkness and foggy/rainy environment.
  2. Optional system enhancement like Laser range-finders, GPS, electronic compass, auto-tracking system, AI-analysis module etc... so as to achieve the functions like all-day full dimension monitoring, positioning, tracking, identification etc...
Product Parameters
Model HP-Z50II-TRC6516-2186
Detection Distance Vehicle:13km
Human 4.8km
Fire detection range of 2X2 meters up to 10,000m (3X3 pixels)
Recognition Distance Vehicle:3.4km
Human 1.3km
Thermal Camera
  1. Detector: sixth generation uncooled focal plane array VOX detector
  2. Wavelength: 8 ~ 14 μm
  3. NETD: 40 Mk (@25 °C F1.0)
  4. Lens: 31 ~ 155 mm
  5. Lens control: Electric Zoom; Manual/auto focus, 3A adaptive active focus algorithm, support multiple trigger modes, accurate and high speed; 3CAM mode and AS + DOE optical structure, high infrared transmittance, the zoom process has no virtual focus and the axis is small
  6. Image Enhancement: SDE Digital Image Enhancement Technology, enhance image details, support 255 level thermal image enhancement adjustment
  7. Pseudo-color polarity: 16 pseudo-color images, hot black/hot white polarity
  8. Image parameters: AGC automatic gain control, brightness, contrast adjustment
  9. Electron doubling: 1.0 ~ 8.0 × continuous doubling (step length 0.1) , supporting optical electron relay doubling, supporting global hawk-eye diagram
  10. Rangefinder: supports rangefinder
  11. Bad Correction: support for bad correction
  12. Image Correction: support manual correction, background correction, automatic correction time interval, Gamma correction parameters adjustable
  13. Bright Light Protection: supports protection against Sun Damage
  14. Detector Array: 640 × 512
  15. Field of view: 20 ° × 15 ° - 4 ° × 3 °
Visible Camera
  1. Sensor type: backlit ultra-low illumination star-level CMOS
  2. Minimum illuminance: Color: 0.0005 lux; black and white: 0.0001 lux; 0 lux (IRON)
  3. Lens: 11~860mm, Mega HD electric zoom; Manual/auto focus, 3A adaptive active focus algorithm
  4. Image Processing: support for white balance, electronic shutter, frame accumulation, backlight compensation, strong light suppression, 2D/3D digital noise reduction, electronic anti-shake, wide dynamic
  5. Day-night type pass light: 0.4-0.75 um visible broad spectral window and 0.8-0.95 um near infrared spectral window
  6. Support electronic transmission fog, optical transmission fog
  7. Intelligent Analysis: support intrusion detection, cross-border detection, entry/exit zone detection, mobile detection, hover detection
  1. Laser type: new infrared light GHT-III high-definition flood light source patent technology, focus spot brightness uniformity > 92%
  2. Distance: 3,000 m
  3. Wavelength: 810 nm military grade infrared laser/n4.
  4. Illumination Angle: 0.5 ° ~ 20 ° , DSS digital step illumination Angle Control Technology/nLaser safety: ZQB laser beam processing patent technology, in line with the international IEC 60825 safety standards
Audio and video
  1. Resolution: 1920 × 1080; 1280 × 1024; 1280 × 960; 1024 × 768; 1280 × 720; 704 × 576; 640 × 512; 640 × 480; 400 × 300; 384 × 288; 352 × 288; 352 × 240
  2. Visible resolution: 2592 × 1520; 2560 × 1440; 1920 × 1080; 1280 × 1024; 1280 × 960; 1024 × 768; 1280 × 720; 704 × 576; 640 × 512; 640 × 480; 400 × 300; 384 × 288; 352 × 240
  3. Video Coding: H. 265/h. 264/MJPEG, multi-stream support
  4. Video rates: 32 KBPS to 16 Mbps
  5. Audio encoding: G. 711A/g. 711U/G726
  6. Image rollover: right/left/up/down/diagonal
  7. OSD settings: Support Channel name, time, PAN, field of view angle, focal length of the OSD display settings, support preset position name settings
Hot Spots/fireworks alerts
  1. Alarm threshold: 255 settable
  2. Target size: range can be set to automatically identify different size targets
  3. Alarm target number: 1-16 can be set
  4. Alarm mode: video overlay alarm box + data return (or switch) multiple alarm mode, alarm intuitive and easy to read
  5. Front-end algorithm: optimized front-end fast processing algorithm, based on the original heat map data per frame analysis, alarm response 0.1 s, no delay, no loss of information
  6. Support visible light smoke detection alarm
Intelligent function
  1. Fire Detection Alarm: Threshold Level 255, target size, target number 1-16 can be set, automatic selection of the most prominent target display, hot tracking
  2. Intelligence analysis: support intrusion detection, cross-border detection, entry/exit area detection, motion detection, loitering detection, people gathering, fast moving, target tracking, items left behind, items taken; Human/vehicle target detection, face detection; and support 16 regional settings; support intrusion detection, human, vehicle filtering function; support target temperature filtering function
  3. Automatic tracking: single-scene tracking support multi-scene tracking support panoramic tracking support alarm linkage tracking
  4. Intelligent Information Fusion: support 512 AR intelligent information fusion, support point of fire, intelligent analysis video identification information fusion, support azimuth angle, field of view, focal length, multiple information fusion
  5. Image Fusion: support 18 kinds of dual-light fusion mode, support picture-in-picture function
  6. Alarm management: Support Alarm capture upload
Enhanced function
  1. Ranging function: support passive ranging; support optional laser ranging
  2. Strong light protection: support, protection from Sun Burn function
  3. Temperature Correction: non-thermal design, imaging sharpness is not affected by temperature
  4. Scene mode: support multi-configuration scene, adapt to different environment applications
  5. Auto-focus tuning: support remote auto-focus accuracy parameter adjustment, adapt to different scenarios
  6. Day-night cruise: day-night cruise groups with different preset, day cruise 1-40 preset, night cruise 41-80 preset, according to the state of light automatically switch day and night, adapt to different space-time scenarios
  7. Lens servo: support lens pre-position, focal length back, focal length positioning function
  8. Power-off memory: support to restore the pre-power-off position, pre-position state, cruise state, line scan state
  9. Off and on: support
  10. Camera diagnosis function: support network alarm, support IP conflict alarm, support illegal access alarm (illegal access number, lock time can be set) , support SD card abnormal alarm (SD space is insufficient, SD card error, no SD card) , video block alarm, anti-sun damage (support threshold, block time can be set)
  11. Life Cycle Management: Health Index recording function, support working time, shutter times, working temperature, limit temperature, etc.
  12. Remote Maintenance: with fault inquiry, self-examination, remote restart function; online upgrade, remote upgrade
  13. Keyframe settings: support keyframe interval 100-level adjustable
  14. Configuration File: Support Configuration File Import and export function
  15. Web Access: support WEB full function configuration, remote online upgrade
Security control 1. Support illegal access alarm: illegal access number, lock time can be set
2. Support three levels of user rights management, administrators, operators, ordinary users
3. Security mode: authorized user name and password, support IP white list and black list, Mac White list and black list
4. User Login Lock
Servo turntable
  1. Structure: spherical, multi-dimensional free-form surface shape, small wind resistance, strong anti-shake, can resist 12 strong wind
  2. Two-axis two-frame, up and down split design, can be independent packaging transport, rapid combination
  3. Windows: Dual/triple windows, 2/3 band sensors, wiper
  4. Level range: N × 360 ° continuous rotation, after power failure can be mechanically locked
  5. Pitch range:-90 ° ~ + 90 ° , with soft limit function, program can be set
  6. Rotation Speed: level 0.01 ° ~ 80 °/s, pitch 0.01 ° ~ 60 °/s
  7. Acceleration: 100 ° S 2 level, 100 ° S 2 pitch
  8. Speed adaptation: with intelligent induction speed change function, support lens focal length speed adaptation function
  9. Driving mode: adopting high torque rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor direct drive, high speed start and stop
  10. Positioning accuracy: better than 0.02 °
  11. Location Time: less than 4s
  12. Zero setting: support for horizontal and pitch zero setting
  13. Preset cruise: 3000, supports 16 cruise routes, each can support 256 preset positions
  14. Path scan: Support Preset Point Cruise, day and night cruise, line scan, frame scan, apple skin scan, scan speed can be set
  15. Over watch: preset position/pattern scan/cruise scan/vertical scan/frame scan/panoramic scan/apple peel scan/horizontal fan scan
  16. Motor Protection: turntable block and turn protection, high reliability
  17. Gyro image stabilization: optional two-axis gyro stabilization, pitch and roll ≤ ± 10 ° , period greater than 6 seconds, los stabilization accuracy ≤2 mrad (RMS)
Electrical interface
  1. Network interface: 1-way RJ45,10/100base-t adaptive
  2. Network protocol: support HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SMTP, DNS, NTP, RTSP, RTCP, RTP, TCP, UDP, ICMP, DHCP network protocol; support ONVIF and GB28181 protocol
  3. Secondary development: provide free SDK, easy to use or convenient secondary development
  4. Physical interface: Alloy Waterproof Aviation Plug
  5. Optical network: (optional built-in Fiber Module, single mode fiber output, improve anti-interference)
Power consumption
  1. Power: with ultra-wide input power adapter, AC90V ~ 305V to DC48V
  2. Power consumption: the maximum power consumption of the turntable is less than 500W and the stable power consumption is less than 150W
Environmental Indicator
  1. Working Temperature:-40 °C ~ + 60 °C
  2. Storage Temperature:-45 °C ~ + 70 °C
  3. Humidity: < 90% Rh
  4. Lightning protection: Interface Circuit built-in surge protection, 6000V
  5. Salt spray: in PH 6.5 ~ 7.2, continuous spray 96 hours, no change in the surface
  6. Protection class: IP66(Ball Chamber air-tight IP67)
Dimension weight Dimensions: Ф565mm×H880mm
Total weight: ≤105 kg

Dedicated platform
1. Function Module: video preview and playback, PTZ control, equipment management, user management, intelligent analysis service, GIS Map Service, information management
Fire protection functions: Fire Point identification, smoke identification, fire warning location, resource management, SMS warning, weather access
3, intelligent functions: Fire Alarm, support area invasion, enter the area, leave the area, automatic tracking and other intelligent analysis and alarm functions, can be extended to support radar linkage, binocular arbitrary angle panoramic mosaic, 3-d magnification
User Management: multi level users, departments and roles manage and support 999 front end departments.
4. GIS map: Fire Alarm and location, support ranging, area measurement functions, video display control, support for custom landing plot, support the conventional function of map electronic map drag, mouse scroll level zoom in or out, support display eagle eye map, scale.
5, support Chinese and English, support skin, support custom menu bar, support handle operation.
6. Access to mainstream vendors'front end products such as Haicang/Dahua/USV and manage the NVR video features. Support for 999 front end/departments
Customer Feedback
Company Profile
Hope Wish Photoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Jinan high tech Zone and has a core R&D team for laser imaging, infrared thermal imaging detection and tracking technology research and product. Hope-Wish focuses on the research and development of night vision and multispectral imaging technology, by using a variety of image analysis and processing technology based on artificial intelligence to provide users with comprehensive optoelectronic system solutions in long-distance, high-definition, intelligent, multi-purpose, all-weather and complex environments.

Hope-Wish solutions cover the border/coastal defense, anti UAV, intelligent transportation, forest fire prevention, environmental protection, individual photoelectric equipment (handheld, helmet, gun aiming), marine and other industries. The products developed by the Hope-Wish, with their excellent performance, reliable quality and thoughtful after-sales service has been widely praised by users all over the world.


1. What are the terms of  payments for the cameras ?

We accept payment via T/T, West Union etc

2. How long will it takes to deliver goods?

We will deliver your goods within 15-20 working days after an order confirmed

3. What kind of packaging of the camera?

We will pack the goods well with exporting packages, carton or wooden, to make sure all goods in a good condition during storage and delivery.
4.What kind of transportation methods?
A. We usually use express delivery like DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT and EMS, as we enjoy perfect discount in these companies.

B. We also can deliver the waterproof cameras by air and sea as your request.

5. Warranty of Video IP CCTV 4K Camera?

Normally warranty time is oen year. 

6. When can I get the price of the camera?


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